BETA 250/300RR (non-oil injected) Lectron Kit (38mm HV)


BETA 250/300RR (non-oil injected) Lectron Kit (38mm HV)


Note: For technical assistance with your Lectron carburetor, the following pages are fantastic resources. Most of your questions will be answered here -

38MM High Velocity Lectron Carburetor

NOTE: You cannot run oil injection with these carbs.

 The 38HV is our go-to carb for applications like harescrambles and motocross. The High Velocity carbs are an overrall upgrade to the Legacy line as they provide superior bottom end grunt and crisper throttle response while still maintaining excellent overrev characteristics.

A throttle cable is included. The adjustment tool is highly recommended in case you have to do any tuning. Using pliers to make adjustments can scratch the metering rod and alter the fuel delivery characteristics.

*Lectrons provide superior throttle response and power delivery by utilizing our patented metering rod.

*Our simple design does not incorporate multiple jets to replace.

*Our taper bore squeezes the air to increase speed and create fuel lift behind our flat metering rod.

*Lectrons are a great choice for riders seeking performance, fuel economy, simplicity and smother power delivery.

Depending on some set ups, your air boot may rub on your shock spring. This is not an issue as the spring doesn't move enough to cause wear. 

We do not recommend running a reed spacer. They may cause fitment issues, and the longer body of the Lectron compensates for the longer intake tract.

Note: All carbs are built to order and have a 7 day build time, however, some orders will ship sooner.

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